Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My invention

I am going to make a million dollars when I invent the nasal vacuum. You know, to suck out all the nasty mucous from our childrens' noses this time of year? I swear I should buy stock in Kleenex since we go through so many boxes. I wish I could skimp, but I am picky about buying 3-ply, ultra soft (no lotion) Kleenex brand because it seems to keep the boys' noses from getting so raw after the billion wipings... It seems like they have runny noses from December through May!

1 comment:

  1. I will buy the first 10 produced, for myself and others. We need to work on a name for it, though. "Nasal Vacuum" just isn't catchy enough. I'll let my subconscious work on that. "Snot Sucker" sounds like a nasty lollipop. I've got it! "Booger Blower"!! What do you think? (Technically it's not blowing, but I like it!)