Friday, January 16, 2009

A few of my friends told me about the HUGE toy sale going on at Target right now, so I went to both the Glenbrook and the Rivergate Targets. I added it up last night, and I got $188 worth of toys for $53! Not that my kids need more toys, or anything (only grandchildren on both sides of the family...), but you just can't pass up deals like that. So I hid them away for birthdays, etc. A lot of my friends (and the strangers I talked to in the checkout line) were stocking up on birthday gifts. Great idea!! A lady in line in front of me said she gets all her birthday party gifts for the year at this sale. At my son's ages, we don't really go to many birthday parties yet, but I will definitely be keeping that in mind for the future.

Ok, Friends: what deals did you get at Target?

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