Sunday, February 22, 2009

Walmart deal

I was just at Walmart, and their Valentine's stuff is 75% off. Believe it or not, they still had some cute valentines for the kids. I like to stock up on that stuff when it's cheap; my boys are still at the age where they don't have to pick out their own.

Happy shopping!

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  1. It's a customary joke in our house that Julie is the "Queen of Coupons!" She is tireless in her pursuit of the perfect deal to be "doubled" at Kroger! All kidding aside, I have always been meticulous about comparing the price per ounce in trying to find the best deal when I go to the store; but with the power of the carefully researched "tokens of savings" my purchasing power has gone through the roof! Julie always gives me so much credit for the shrinkage of the bill, but it is her behind the scenes quest for the utlimate deals that exploits the grocery store to its fullest extent! I am very lucky to have a wife that will comb the circulars to save us money. I used to scoff at all of her work with coupons, but 15 dollars here, 20 dollars there really adds up! So, this is a big thank you to my wife for being the "coupon shark" that she is! I Love You Julie, Scott (your husband)