Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine's Day deal

I'm not sure if anyone is reading this (since no one is leaving comments...), but I read about a GREAT deal in the paper today from Ms. Cheap: Granny White Church of Christ is having a free dinner and movie for couples on Valentine's day. FREE! The movie is "Fireproof" (which I haven't seen yet, but I have heard great things about), the meal is catered (though from where, I don't know), AND they are offering FREE CHILDCARE!!!!! All you have to do is make a reservation: 292-6679. Did I mention it's FREE?! I would totally take advantage of this if a)Scott and I celebrated Valentine's Day (more on that below) or (b) I were going to be in town (I'm going away with some girlfriends that weekend).

It's not that we're not romantic; Scott and I just decided a long time ago that we didn't need to waste money on one random day (when prices are jacked up anyway) when we could express our love every day of the year (puke, right?). I began by forbidding him from getting me flowers since they really are more expensive at that time (unless you can find a good deal like: long-stemmed red roses from Aldi for $16.99--also from Ms. Cheap).

Let me know if you do this--I'd love to hear how it was!


  1. i read your blog daily!!! sorry i will start leaving comments!! i wish they had deals like that around here!! david and i dont really celebrate either....b/c we are always BROKE!!! love you guys

  2. Thanks, Jessica! I'm glad to know someone out there is reading (even if I have virtually nothing to say...). :)