Saturday, February 7, 2009

Big Brother's knock-knock joke

This is the first knock-knock joke Big Brother has learned. I don't think he really understands what he's doing, but it's adorable anyway! ENJOY!
P.S. Sorry it is turned sideways!


  1. He seems like such a big kid in this video!!! It's awesome!!
    Next one: "Tuba Who?" "Tuba Toothpaste" the only knock-knock joke (or any joke for that matter) that I can ever remember. . .therefore it is my favorite. :)

    Knock knock! Who's there? Juneau! Juneau who? Juneau who posted this comment!" (I just made that up!! Just now!!)

  2. BUSTED!! Anonymous, schnonymous!

  3. how cute!!! he is such a BIG BOY!

  4. OK, sorry, I'm a little slow getting here, but I'm thinking they wouldn't have chosen Conan to replace Jay if this video had gotten out!!! He's TOO cute!!! nanajan