Saturday, April 25, 2009

Two beautiful days

We have had two beautiful days here in Hendersonville, and the boys have had some fun playing outside. Here they are yesterday riding their John Deere Gator in the backyard:

Then today we found a baby bird in our back yard. It's pretty big for a baby, but it can't fly yet. Both boys were fascinated, of course, but since Little Brother just wanted to poke it, we had to keep him away from it. Here are some pictures of Big Brother and the bird:

And here are some pictures of the boys just being cute:

(My babies!)
(I might have to frame this one!)

(You can see his mouth forming the word "cheese.")

(He's getting brave...)
I hope all of you reading this have had nice weather to enjoy as well!

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  1. Great video and pics! I know I say this over and over, but the boys are getting SO BIG!!!! They look so grown up driving around the yard. :)