Friday, April 10, 2009

Little Brother Becomes a Big Boy

Can you believe it? Little brother turned 18 months old yesterday and today we took him to get his very first haircut. Here are some before pictures from our trip to visit Noelle, Javier, and Eva last weekend:

And here are the after pictures:

Isn't it SO cute?! We just couldn't get over how different he looks!! Here is the video of his haircut; it's long, so feel free to fast forward (the end is cute).


  1. That is so cute! You guys are such great parents. Not only were you both there, but you videotaped it as well. I am learning from you to document those milestones. I know you will be glad that you did! Keep blogging! BTW- I have one blue car to send you...

  2. What a cutie!! He does look so grown up! He'll be driving before we know it. CC and I enjoyed the video--thanks for posting! I agree w/previous poster and also vote for you guys as great parents. :)

  3. Too cute! He looks so grown up :) BTW, we had a great time on Thursday!
    ~ Lisa

  4. Thanks for video taping this. Nanny & Gramps would love to see more videos and pictures of our little men.

    P.S. Nanny & Gramps would really love another visit..................and soon! We love you all and will see you in June.

    P.S.S. Tell Owen that we are very proud of his recent accomplishments. Also he behaved very well while Finn was getting his ears lowered.

  5. how precious!! thanks for sharing.. he and owen are getting so big!! we miss you all.. .summer break is coming up soon so hopefully we can come up and visit between classes! david and i both are going to be taking classes ... BUT we wil make time to come and see yo guys!! love you